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Neighbourhood Watch

The mission of Neighbourhood Watch is to bring neighbours together to create a strong, friendly and active community. We are developing our local scheme in Great Oxendon with the objective of promoting crime prevention measures and having an effective alert system in place for when we do have issues. We aim to work closely with partners to reduce crime and disorder within our Parish.

Residents are encouraged to join the Great Oxendon NHW Group by clicking the join button below. You can register as a member and select to receive Alert Messages from the Police and the NHW.


Current Planning Applications

There are no new local applications being processed at present.

Improving Road Safety within the Village

The Parish has allowed in its budget to contribute to a road improvement scheme  within the Village. Parish Councillors’ have met with the County Council and agreed some traffic calming measures for the A508. A representative from the County Council also spoke at our annual parish meeting. This was most helpful. The Council has continued to campaign to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph. We have now developed a positive working relationship with the County Council and we will keep you informed as the improvements progress. There has been some recent speed enforcement on the A508 and a vehicle survey will soon be carried out to identify ‘actual’ traffic volume and speed

Millennium Monument

Work will soon be undertaken on the refurbishment of the monument. The Millennium commemorative plaque will be placed in the ground with slabs around it, surrounded by a semi-circular seat. The work should be complete by October.

The Environment   

The Parish Council has been unhappy with the current frequency of roadside mowing in the village. The village looked untidy. It has taken the decision to implement more regular cuts and strimming to improve the appearance. Instead of three cuts per annum the village will now have up to 16 cuts. Residents should have noticed an improvement in the mowing standards. This is financed within the Parish Councils existing budget.

The Council is also looking to launch a ‘kerb appeal’ initiative to encourage residents to take ownership of the street scene near their property. This could include a clean up campaign, cutting back overhanging bushes and planting.

Great Oxendon continues to be active in the Planning process. Its Design Statement is being processed by Daventry DC. It has commented on the Local Plan and has been active in the planning appeal at Greenfields at Braybrooke together with the controversial application at Wormslade Farm. It is currently working with partners considering its role in any Judicial Review.

Parish Council Accounts – year ending 31 March 2016 

Our annual accounts have been reviewed by an external auditor. These have been found to be in good order and meets the current standards. The accounts can be viewed on line – see our Finance page.

You can always comment on the accounts or on any aspect of the Parish Councils business throughout the year either through the Parish Clerk or through the Open Forum  at our meetings (Meeting Dates)

Village Events

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