Every ten years, the census provides a unique snapshot of our society




The next census is happening in March 2021. By taking part and encouraging others to do the same, you’ll help make sure your community is counted in decisions on services and funding.


For the first time ever Census 2021 is digital first.  This means householders will be invited to complete their Census form using a digital device.  If this concerns you, don’t worry, there will be the option to ask for a paperbased form too.

We’ll start to see some national advertising about the Census towards the end of January, and then each household will receive a postcard in February.  Then in early March each household will be sent an information pack including a unique digital access code.

CENSUS DAY is 21 March 2021 – but that just means the date by which we must have completed our census submissions.  As soon as you receive your pack, you can complete your census.

Look out for your information pack through the post!


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