Parish Council Accounts

The Parish Council sets a budget each year and this is largely funded from the Council Tax. Council Tax is charged on each property in a parish and it can be seen on your annual Council Tax bill. It is used to fund all of the activities that a Parish Council undertakes for the benefit of the community. The County Council, District Council, Police and Fire Service also fund themselves through the Council Tax. At the end of each financial year, the Parish Council is required, in accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations, to complete an Annual Return setting out its Accounting Statements and an Annual Governance Statement. These statements and their supporting documentation are audited by the Council’s Internal Auditor.

To view details of the Parish Councils accounts please click on the relevant financial year.







The 2021/2022 budget/precept can be viewed here.



You can raise questions/ queries on any aspect of the Councils business either by contacting the Parish Clerk or by raising the issue in the Open Forum part of the Council Meeting.