Neighbourhood Watch – Alerts

  • Harborough Road, Great Oxendon –  A portaloo was stolen from a builders compound Between the 09/02/2017 and the 16/02/2017.
  • Main Street, Great Oxendon –  Entry gained to a vehicle by unknown means causing no damage between 17:00 on the 02/03/17 and 09:00 on the 03.03.17.

Be switched on to vehicle crime

Some helpful advice from Daventry District Police:

• Ensure all vehicles are locked. You may invalidate your insurance by not securing your vehicle.

• Leave nothing on display. You may know that the carrier bag on the back seat has your gym kit in it, but the thief won’t.

• You may think that £20 worth of small change on display in the ashtray is minimal, but the thief won’t.

• You may have innocently left the charging lead dangling between the seats. However the thief will target the car to see if there is an electronic device attached!

• If you have a commercial van with tools in it, consider making your tools and plant safer and leaving a notice visible to indicate that there is nothing of value left in the van overnight.

• Consider alarming your vehicle. For less than £50, you can buy a movement detector which takes a SIM card which you can set like a car alarm and which will text you and sound a 90dB siren when activated

• Keep an eye on your neighbour’s vehicle and report anything suspicious – you will not be criticised for reporting suspicious circumstances via 999.


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